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Monday, February 02, 2004

Hey everyone!!

whats new fer everyone? did ya have a good weekend?? i did!! lol friday night i had to stay home and do nothing but i was really tired and then saturday morning i went to prac at like 10 and then my dad and bro went to the swim meet in omaha all day so i was home all alone! lol and i was on the comp like all day and then i got ready and looked all perdy and garrett picked me up! yaya thanks and we went to vals with 15 other people!! lol and then to along came polly which was a good movie! lol and i got to sit by jimbo! lol good times cuz they moved seats while we were getting pop and so i blamed him fer taking my camera haha that was fun lol!!

BUT OMGOSH!! another snow day! score!! i can't believe it! my mom is all being psycho and shes like ur gonna have to go to school for like all of june! im like yea right! haha me n mags are doing drivers ed then!! and everyone has to drive me around all summer cuz i can't drive!!  haha aren't u excited?! i know u are! don't deny it!! haha

morning practice tomorrow will suck and blow all at the same time. but we'll find out what we r swimming vs. LNE and omg they are so going down. everyone is coming to this one too!! yaya you must come support me! erin is coming after her voice lesson!! lol cuz its close to east and we are excited to see the LNE people and see them go down. then thursday we are against papio. im so scared. omgosh i was like ok yaya the meet is cancelled so i don't have to swim against chelsea and i won't have to worry about being beat but oh no now we are swimming there on thursday. woo hoo and the meet is at 6.30 and theres a half hour of diving then the meet. omg we are gonna be home at like 10 i hope i dont' have any homework. oh crap i think my chem is due tomorrow. i didn't do it! haha i hate having chem 3rd period now bc i have to do my hw at home instead of at lunch or in images. bc i used to have it 8th so i had the whole day! but not ne more!!

mauro im sad we didn't get to hang out this weekend! maybe sumtime b4 state lol!

**KENDRA! happy bday hun! haha dis summer i know it! road trips to omaha hahah good times!! see ya at state!

well im done lol i'll talk to ya all later! come back to check fer updates!! much love to my lovers!!


Posted at Monday, February 02, 2004 by fastinthwater
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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Hey Everyone!!

wow i can't believe we had two snow days in a row! haha its gonna be a short week and im super excited!!

rachel and i are both wayy cool. we are both saving ourselves for marriage haha and we also can't guy the guys!! seriously tho! i don't get it! haha im nice and funny and always like the life of the party and im cute a little right? haha idk tell me what ya think.

thursday we have a pep rally. and they are giving away an award for the best dressed team...so i we are gonna wear our homecoming dresses!! yay im so excited haha but then we are gonna change afterwards so we don't look stupid all day.

well today we were supposed to have a meet against papillion but since we had so much snow we didn't and i want to reschedule it so we can KICK THEIR BUTT!! haha

STEPH'S PARTY WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN! haha i love to dance! haha but our group didn't win the lip synching contest cuz beth left and danielle was too scared haha! but its ok!!

idk what else to say! lol i'll add updates about thursday's outfit and how our meet goes then.

Posted at Tuesday, January 27, 2004 by fastinthwater
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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
2nd semester

hello everyone!

wow the meet tuesday went great! we got to see sam and ashley! that was great times! and i swam the 200 free at a 2:03.96 and i like negitive split it and flem like couldn't believe that i did that but i did it right! haha and then i swam the fly and rick said that i missed every single turn and had a horrible finish! at first i didnt think so but i saw it on tape and i did...but i went 1:00.32 and he couldn't believe that i went that fast for missing everything. that school record is gonna be mine...58.75 all the way at state baby! but we won like 80 sumthing to 40 sumthing both guys and girls. congratz all!

today was the start of 2nd semester and it wasn't a good day for many people. i don't get to see ali at all during the day bc she doesn't even have my lunch anymore and i don't get to see jimbo anymore in my english class so we don't get to hang out in there and then walk to class after that together. im gonna miss that. but adam you are right...lilace075: oooo maybe ull find some new guy that isnt a huge duestch like jimbo was at times...agreed. he did do alot that made me mad but ima keep trying.

morning practices aren't fun anymore. gettin up early just sucks. but jessi said she would take me out to lunch soon again so im excited about that. im still working hard in practice and lincoln east is gonna go all the way. even tho we don't have the best divers in the state we sure got sum hard working ones!! get us the points ladies!!

katie hubbell, anne marie rye, & candace lee are my favorite girls in the whole wide world! we have the best club ever and i hope we can get out of it soon tho!! haha ladies!! stay sweet! and it will come hahah!! katie you are gonna make state in the breaststroke! i can see it in my psychicness!!!! haha yay!!!

well idk much else to put theres my updates! catch ya later! much love goes out to my lovers!

Posted at Wednesday, January 21, 2004 by fastinthwater
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Monday, January 19, 2004
MILLARD NORTH INVITE! and updates...

Hey everyone~!

well we had a meet thursday against fremont and we won...yay...and it was all ghetto bc their pool is meters and they have absolutely no seating~!! so it sucked!!!!! it was pointless for the top point getters to go to this meet! just let us rest or sumthing! lol but its ok it didn't hurt my performance at millard invite on saturday...

I SWAM A 59.91 IN MY 100 FLY!! and wow it was a crazy race! and rick was like well you need to get ur head out of the clouds and come back down to earth and focus on what you need to do to win state....yikes....state already? i can't believe its coming so soon. but as for mn invite we got 3rd and i got 1st in the fly and 3rd in the 50 free and our relays were ok we got beat by LSE in like all of them. darn it but we got the depth and beat them! even with their good divers lol!

im nervous tho. papio meet. please papio swimmers don't kill us at home. the guys is gonna be close, but the girls shouldn't be that hard but im going to have a good race against chelsea if she swims the fly. wow shes a damn good senior and im only and young sophomore...oh no.

rachel-im excited about coming up this weekend! i hope everything works out!! yay i haven't seen u in forever!!

well idk what else to put! i'll try and update this tomorrow after the meet or wednesday after practice!! much love goes out to my lovers!!

Posted at Monday, January 19, 2004 by fastinthwater
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Monday, January 12, 2004
the longest monday ever.

Hey all.

I'm really tired right now and idk y. prac wasn't too hard today but idk today was long and mrs. smith is a bitch and i hate her and ahh she totally contradicted herself today too and she drives me nuts.

y must guys be such pains in my ass?! except for like adam and trevor! luv ya both and adam ur my advice guy no matter what happens. but geez guys really like to lead me on that they like me. cuz hmm that one person did it for sure. he was so flirty and then all of a sudden i find out he likes his ex still...wow that makes me happy about myself. don't worry all im not going to go psycho i'll just talk to garrett about what i can do lol right erin? what would i do without you? you are always so positive and awesome! i am so gonna be the double maid of honor with sam dawg! haha u and garrett will totally get married!

julia and i are the hardest working ladies out there! we totally are gonna dominate at state!! haha even tho shes fer westide and we want to beat WE i am still cheering fer her! hahah

well idk what else to talk about so um guys need to get better and all the good ones out there stay good! haha ya hear?! much love to my lovers.

Posted at Monday, January 12, 2004 by fastinthwater
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Sunday, January 11, 2004
yea just read...

Hey everyone.

i hate the cold weather.

you know what else i hate? guys. well sumtimes they can just be jerks and not see what is just sitting in front of them.

*special shoutout for julia! i miss ya tonz hun and i hope everything goes well with ur lovers :)

yes well im mad and sad and disappointed i guess...idk i hope everything works out good in the end but for now i'll just concentrate on swimming and my gal pals

**Mike6201: well just remember that jesus still thinks your cool

yay for mike. haha that sounds like sumthing lilo would say! yay for space alien puppies! hehe

well if you want to know my tragic story then just IM me and we'll talk cuz i need to vent but i don't want to just sit here and let EVERYONE know. much love goes out to my lovers.

congrats adam for going under a minute in your fly. ima get there soon. if not during the regular season then at state for sure. you are seriously my #1 advice guy and my super best friend hehe thanks for being there for me so many times.

Posted at Sunday, January 11, 2004 by fastinthwater
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Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Life is a bitch...

Hey Everyone...

Swim meet tomorrow at burke! yay i get to miss 7th and 8th period tomorrow! english and chemistry! haha thats great cuz i hate chem and eng we can just like walk all over our teacher! but hes a psycho! like 3 or 4 years ago he had this class that talked all the time and was a super horrible class and then he pissed at this girl and like got all up in her face and yelled at her and later in class he threw a desk across the room!!

but yes tomorrow since we get out early jessi and i are going out fer lunch! im so excited lol i haven't ever gone out to lunch so this rocks!!

but finals......are another story.......yuck and we have classes that are an hour and a half long! wtf!! ahh psychos! but hopefully we will go out to eat at vals one of those days and that will be great fun!!

swim meet again...lol i made tori these great sweatpants that are sexy and i can't wait to give them to her!! they are so awesome!! lol im soooo excited for tomorrow!!

maggie's love life...blah! its crazy! do i still like um that one kid that always tries to get in my purse...lol hint hint for my friends! lol and then swimmer boy is out the window cuz how can u not like maggie? oh i don't like her like that. thats gay right there! mike i think you are so awesome! haha he said that i am the kind of person that he would like cuz im so like open and confident and just like happy with myself. and you know what i can't stand? girls that are absolutely fucking obsessed with their weight! i mean come on we are all different but thats so dumb omfg! and oh my gosh it hurts so much when you like sumone but know you can never have them. ahhh its not fair and i don't know y i do this to myself!

tommy! haha you are awesome and we are sooo even now! well maybe not even for this summer! but spenser was part of that too in the pool! haha stealing the googles! good times and those googles make u go psycho! and also tommy is like the most awesome person too and ashley duran should want him really bad....

well eveyone idk what else you want know about me... if you need ne thing juss talk to me!

much love goes out to my lovers!

Posted at Wednesday, January 07, 2004 by fastinthwater
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Monday, January 05, 2004
Back to school...

Hey everyone!

ugh...today school started again. well it was good to see all my friends but im not looking forward to finals next week...ugh but we must go to val's again afterwards on one of the days!! haha good times its another woman!!! lol lmfao!

mitch im not gonna tell u what we were talking about...but i remember like a year ago or so when i was at a swim meet with sydney at ralston and like damion had a thing for me...eww lol...and he decided to describe all these gross things to me but haha that was a great meet!

and my dearest adam samson you are so cool! lol PMS! thats what he has for sure and don't worry about not going under a minute yet! i still haven't! but don't worry we both will by state!! sumtimes that kid is cool and really nice and thats the one i went out with lol but sumtimes hes super pissy and mad! ahh i hate when guys PMS! you are seriously my best guy friend and i can always come to u for advice! thanks buddy!

ight all!! you eastians are all coming to my next home swim meets!! there is one on january 20th vs. lincoln high at 5:30 and then one again on the 29th vs. grand island and that one is at 4:00 and another one is on the 3rd of february vs. NORTHEAST! erin u are sooo coming to that one!! haha who sux? LNE SUX BABY! lol when northeast people like to say that one about east its so gay. thats like there only fucking cheer and they are so dumb. wow im glad i didn't go there. plus the swimming program is crap. oh yea then you all have to come to confrence and get out of school!! its on february 13th at EAST and its during school!! its either at 10 or 2.30 im not sure yet but i'll find out soon!

so yea thats my life lol

haha tommy made out with stacy a year ago! he was keeping her warm at the millard north invite!!! lol until they got caught and got in trouble!! i remember that!

MaKiN a SpLaSh06: r u coming to watch millard north invite again?
UncvlzdGuitarist: of course
MaKiN a SpLaSh06: awesome
MaKiN a SpLaSh06: its sooo cold there!!
MaKiN a SpLaSh06: maybe u can keep warm with stacy again
UncvlzdGuitarist: maybe...... i'd rather gouge my eyes out w/ sharp sticks
MaKiN a SpLaSh06: haha

so i will leave you all with my favorite song lyrics...its michelle branch of course lol much love my lovers!

Every time I feel alone
I can blame it on you
And I do, oh
You got me like a loaded gun
Golden sun and sky so blue
We both know that we want it
But we both know you left me no chance

(Chaque fois que tu ton va)
You just bring me down
(Je pretend que tu fais bien)
So Iím counting my tears Ďtil I get over you

Sometimes I watch the world go by
I wonder what itís like
To wake up every single day
Smile on your face
You never tried
We both know we canít change it
But we both know weíll just have to face it

(Chaque fois que tu ton va)
You just bring me down
(Je pretend que tu fais bien)
So Iím counting my tears Ďtil I get over you

If only I could give you up
But would I want to let you off this soapbox baby?

We both know that we want it
But we both know you left me no choice

(Chaque fois que tu ton va)
You just bring me down
(Je pretend que tu fais bien)
So Iím counting my tears Ďtil I get over you

We both know that Iím not over you
Iím not over you

Posted at Monday, January 05, 2004 by fastinthwater
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Saturday, January 03, 2004

hey everyone!!

today was a great day! first swimming wasn't very hard and like the last hour we did sprint circuit so that was easy lol and then after that we had the pancake feed!! that was great fun!! then today i went to sydneys house with beth to make our sweatpants! they turned out so awesome!! and beth so sorry you couldn't stay and im sorry about you dog. you'll get throught it don't worry. and its good to cry hun! we love ya!

sydneys dad is soooo awesome! haha we had vals for lunch and then he made us stew for dinner and haha sydney even got to drive home from the dollar store today! shes a pretty good drive too! ;-)!!

tomorrow im going to a movie with mike and his friend jim and hopefully ali. it should be awesome!! well im sad that break is almost over but we have a meet on thursday that im excited about! i hope some omaha people can come watch me at berke at 4.30! hope to see u there possibly!

haha for everyone that had hard winter break practices...i didn't...hehe

much love goes out to my lovers.

Posted at Saturday, January 03, 2004 by fastinthwater
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Friday, January 02, 2004
omg break is almost over!

Hey everyone~!

its friday...
we didn't have swim practice yesterday bc it was new years day which was nice! i got to actually sleep in til like 10! haha then i went to my grandmas for my cousins birthdays. brooklyn is 8 katie is 18 and matt...is older lol like 20ish idk but i had sum chicken noodle soup and played chicken scratch and got 2nd. great fun. then i went home and decided to go back and spend the night at my grandmas house with my cousin samantha and her friend rachel. we had a fun time lol i played texas hold em with my grandpa and my aunt and my aunt won lol and we stayed up talking until 12!! houses are haunted...

then today i got up at like 7:10 and had to get ready to go to swim practice. it wasn't that bad. we did 8 x 200's with 30 seconds rest in between and i liked it. i really like distance now. i wish flem would let me swim the 500 more often and also try the 200 this year. and swim the breaststroke in the IM relay so it would be the best possible one...and yea i don't to say much more... but then i went back to my grandmas house and we went out to eat and mcdonalds and we got there at like 10:30 and the people in front of us got breakfast but we didn't! i was so upset! so i just had like a double quarter pounder and i told the freaking lady that i didn't want onions...guess what? shes a fucking idiot and didn't tell them to take them off! god people can be so dumb!

well for now im gonna have to go back to practice and lift and then get in and im super tired right now so im gonna go. much love my lovers.

Danielle! im glad ur back from your ski trip! i missed you!

Posted at Friday, January 02, 2004 by fastinthwater
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